Coloring of the rollers

Coloring the rollers is an inevitable process that accompanies the procedure. You shouldn’t worry about this, since rollers are, first of all, consumables.

But some masters paint rollers less often, while others paint them immediately. What is the reason? In the technique of work

Below are a few secrets on how to keep the original color of your rollers longer:

1) When painting, we use oxide 0.9-1.8%, not higher
2) We dilute the paint 2-3 minutes before applying it to the eyelashes, ideally before removing the 2nd composition.
3) Couture serum from @amica, added to the paint, really reduces the intensity of the coloring of the rollers (you only need a drop of it)
4) Immediately after removing the rollers, wipe them and throw them in hot soapy water
5) Soaking rollers in peroxide and dry heat lightens stubborn pigment

In the following posts we will tell you why bright and soft rollers paint faster than hard and transparent ones.