To glue or not to glue?

To glue or not to glue? PROS/TIPS

MIA PRO LASHES rollers do not need to be glued to the eyelid, as they are made of soft silicone and fit comfortably to the eyelid.

I hold the roller by the petal, pulling it towards me and start laying it out, adjusting the indentation with a microbrush as necessary.

Pros of not gluing the roller:

-Minimum time for cleansing, no need to clean the eyelid from glue
-Minimum client discomfort from pulling off the glue
-The most important thing: we reduce the risk of allergies to glue
-You can always regulate the process yourself and correct the indentation if necessary

But I am not against the recommendation to glue the roller, in which cases:

If the master is a beginner, motor skills are not yet so developed and it is difficult to adjust the position of the roller, tool, and make layouts

A very difficult eyelid (I don’t glue in this case either, but it takes some getting used to). The comfort of the master is more important in this case.

An experienced master likes to control the entire process at every stage, professes reliable fixation as one of the ways for an ideal result (I personally know such a girl, an absolutely amazing specialist)