What is Adhesion?

Adhesion is the occurrence of adhesion (bond) between dissimilar substances upon contact.
In lamination of eyelashes with ADHESIVE there is glue.
Another important factor is the surface of the roller with which the eyelashes adhere, as well as the shape of the roller

You can work in different techniques, choose any

We at MIA PRO LASHES have made glue that sticks or glue with glue

Holds eyelashes throughout the entire procedure, even the toughest ones.

Apply a small amount of glue with a clean microbrush. Use the palette to extend the life of the glue

Apply glue to the eyelashes, pull them up, then press the eyelashes from root to tip with a dry cotton swab

If necessary, separate the eyelashes using a microfiber (pointwise) or an applicator. Done, with this technique the layout will be quick and “iron”