Set of compensators MIA PRO LASHES


The sets are presented in 2 colors: neon yellow, orange and black, as well as pink purple and black. Color expansion joints are designed for composition 1-2, black and purple are ideal for the coloring stage.

For perfect eyelashes in one plane without sagging

Indispensable when working with plastic glue

The shape is designed to fit evenly to any rollers

A special tongue is provided for easy removal

Perfect surface and edge quality

Optimal length and width

Left and right are marked

They will make your feed juicy and beautiful

Available in the following colors: clear, black, pink, purple, orange, yellow

Apply on the 2nd composition, at the coloring stage, optionally on the 1st composition.

Available in sets of 3 pairs and individually

Product weight: 5g

After use, wipe with an antibacterial wipe, or you can also soak in chlorhexidine for 30 minutes. Can be dried at 120 degrees.

Designed and made in Kazakhstan.

MIA PRO LASHES - intelligence to the tips of the eyelashes.