Solinberg tweezers

Professional eyebrow tweezers Solinberg with factory/manual sharpening. The special anatomical shape of the tweezers fits comfortably in the hand. Light weight will allow the master to work comfortably for several hours in a row. The tweezers have thin edges and a beveled (angled) end. Made of high-alloy steel classified as corrosion-resistant or stainless. It is easily disinfected in dry heat and does not darken.

Solinberg eyebrow tweezers will become a faithful assistant in removing both hard and large hairs and small, invisible hairs. Plucking is gentle and painless. The smooth pressing and soft stroke will pleasantly surprise you. Suitable for home and professional use in a beauty salon for eyebrow grooming. Made in Germany.
* Tweezers length 9.5 cm, working part length 3 mm.
Suitable as a gift for a girl, woman, colleague on March 8, New Year or other holiday.

Mode of application
Used for eyebrows, eyebrow correction, eyebrow care. Suitable for removing medium and fine hairs. Using gentle pressure, remove excess hair from the face and eyebrows.