Patch rollers for lamination of lower eyelashes Lamitta Mariposa

Silicone patch roller for lamination of lower eyelashes.

The world's first symmetrical patch that is ideal for any type of eye. Functional slits allow the shape to open to any desired curve and fits perfectly to the lower lash line.

The patch roller has a protrusion for fixing eyelashes on it and creating a beautiful natural curl on the lower eyelashes.

The patch roller is made of soft cosmetic silicone. Absolutely safe to use on the face. Does not cause allergies.
Clients feel as comfortable as possible

After installing the patch roller and fixing the eyelashes on it, before applying the composition, you need to turn out the lower eyelid for the safest process of double lamination of eyelashes.

Anatomical shape. Reusable. Perfect fit and comfort. Patented