Lamitta glue Fixer

Adhesive for laying out during eyelash lamination procedure. It has a dense viscous texture. The improved glue formula provides increased adhesion to all types of eyelashes. Perfectly holds hard, full eyelashes until the end of the procedure without gluing. Improved packaging allows you to increase the shelf life of the glue. The glue does not dry and maintains its texture for a long time. The glue does not change the exposure time of the compositions! After laying out it does not have a greasy sheen, the laying out acquires a matte surface.

Mode of application
Applying glue: For a clean layout and to avoid overspending, you must first apply glue to the entire surface of the roller and then make the layout. This will help you maintain a clean, glue-free root zone, which makes it easier to clean your eyelashes at the end of the procedure. The ideal tool for working with glue is the Slide laminator from Lamitta.