Sigma eyelash lamination kit

Updated formula!
A set of compositions for lamination of eyelashes and eyebrows  with a 2-phase recovery and a holding time of 5-8 minutes.  The unique 4-step procedure gives the eyelashes an elastic curl, visually makes the eyelashes longer and more voluminous, and sets the eyebrows in the desired direction. Provides deep nutrition and hydration.
The goal of  Sigma lamination of eyelashes and eyebrows is to obtain a bright and stable result, while ensuring restoration and maintaining the health of eyelashes.
Advantages of the Sigma eyelash and eyebrow lamination system:
holding time 5-8 minutes
works with any hair type, gently and quickly
2-phase restoration system works at macro- and micro levels in the hair
reduces procedure time due to combined care with coloring.
laminate tube better preserves the properties of the composition
the stable result you expect. 
What makes the Sigma lamination system unique?
The advantage and uniqueness of the system lies in the content in the first composition of a special polymer and keratin amino acids, which protect the hair during the first exposure.
During application of the first composition, the polymer and amino acids of keratin envelop the hairs, fill the voids and form a therapeutic pad that protects the hair from aggressive influences.
The active ingredient Sigma Curl #1 - ammonium thioglycolate - is the most effective for bristly hairs.
Active ingredient Sigma Fixation #2 - sodium bromate. 
Sigma lamination is also aimed at deep hair restoration. Therefore, it uses a 2-phase recovery system: deep nutrition with Sigma Multi active serum, as well as moisturizing and sealing the cuticular area with Sigma Hydra Energy serum.
The two-phase restoration system gives eyelashes and eyebrows health, shine, saturates with keratin and amino acids, proteins and seals the cuticle, restores the lipid layers of the hair thanks to phospholipids.
Treatment exposures are quick in time; application of Sigma Multi Active serum is combined with coloring.
The preparations are presented in a special polymer-aluminum tube, which preserves the tightness and sterility of the lotions. The Sigma tube does not allow air, moisture, or light to pass through. The tube is organically elastic and does not suck in air when removing the drug. Thanks to the plasticity of the tube, the compositions are easy to dose and use to the last drop.
Reduced exposure time of drugs, the procedure is 2 times faster.
Drug exposure time:
1 composition of Sigma curl - 5-8 minutes.
2 composition Sigma fixation = holding time of the 1st composition.
3 composition Sigma multi active serum - added to paint. The exposure time according to the dye instructions is +1-2 minutes.
4 composition Sigma Hydra energy - up to 5 minutes.
Convenient consistency of the preparations, which is evenly distributed without lumps and envelops every hair. Thanks to this, you get uniform curl and styling.
Preparations 1, 2, 3 have a creamy consistency with a pleasant aroma. They are easily distributed over eyelashes and eyebrows, so it is very easy to control the application area.
The 4th preparation of the Sigma Hydra energy serum has a gel consistency. Easy to apply, perfectly moisturizes hair and completely dissolves glue. You can easily remove eyelashes from the roller and clean them of glue.
With the Sigma line of lamination preparations you can work with any type of hair: thin, medium and hard.
Affordable cost of drugs. Now both beginners and professionals can afford high quality. Low cost - high earnings.
The volume of tubes is 5 ml, enough for 35-40 procedures.
Sigma drugs are safe and have quality certificates.
With Sigma you will always get an elastic curl and maintain the health of your eyelashes, and create an expressive eyebrow styling.