Set of rollers MIA PRO LASHES (ombre)

We are your assistants for perfect curves.

Set contains 4 pairs,
Including size XS, for the shortest eyelashes, as well as S/M/L.

Suitable for downward growing, straight, wide eyelashes, as well as for eyelashes with
native bend
It is convenient to lay out thanks to the smoothed transition zone from the top to the petal.
Soft silicone
Maximum customer comfort: no sharp corners.
Can be swapped
You don't need to stick it to your eyelid

Schemes for applying compositions to packaging

After use, immediately remove the paint and soak in a chlorhexidine solution.
or hydrogen peroxide for 30 minutes, then wash with running water and soap and
dry. Can be dried at 120 degrees.
MIA PRO LASHES – intelligence to the tips of the eyelashes.